Process Automation

Our data programming can perform otherwise laborious tasks in seconds. From data gathering/importing, through to report generation, you will benefit from greater accuracy and reproducibility in your data workflow.


As data size increases, the limits of traditional tools like Excel become more apparent. We teach our clients how to master their data with code using the R programming language.

Bespoke Applications

We develop tailored web-applications & tools to suit your data and projects. Off-the-shelf BI solutions can only go so far, so why not set yourself apart with your own customised web-app?

Democratise Data

Turn your multiple, disparate datasets into a single source of coherent information that can be accessed and understood by anyone in your organisation.

Engage your audience

Whether you need a report for a small team or public website to show off your research, we ensure that both our static and interactive data visualisation capabilities will engage your audience more than the standard PowerPoint.

Save Time & Money

We believe it’s better to invest in expertise as opposed to expensive software that your team doesn’t have the time to learn. We can reduce your team’s workload and provide the tools to bring your insights to the surface.

Do you want to see more?

To see some examples of our work and side-projects, visit our blog, check out our public portfolio or have a flick through our 'Whirlwind tour of working with data in R' presentation...

Check Out Our Blog! Public Portfolio Intro to R Slides

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