Showcase App

We built an app to showcase how we combine powerful data programming in R with modern user interfaces using the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks. Features: TV Data Dashboard Sales Data Dashboard Automated Report Generator get a report your twitter data by typing in your username! Data Exporting Examples Branded Chart Image Downloads Data downloads to CSV or Excel PowerPoint Chart Downloads - build a chart in the app and download it into a powerpoint template as a native chart object Click on the image above to check it out!

UK Crime Mapping Tool

This is an example of how we can ‘democratise’ a data source by combining back-end data programming with a simple, effective user interface. The application uses geocoding and GPS to allow users to retrieve and map data from the UK Police data base at a location of their choice within England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Currently the app will return data for the most recent month available in the data base (March 2018 at the time of writing).

Exterion Media Work Shop Play Dashboard

We’ve just re-built Exterion Media’s Work Shop Play survey dashboard! The dashboard is updated monthly with 3-4 new surveys across a variety of topics of relevance to the ‘Work.Shop.Play Urban Community’ and has the following features built in: A reactive front-end design with compatibility across all device platforms: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Interactive user inputs to compare survey responses across a wide range of demographic target groups Branded chart image exports and data exports to CSV or Excel Click on the image above to check it out!

Crypto Currency Tracking Tool

A light-weight tracker tool built with R flexdashboard that scrapes crypto currency price data every hour and has interactive user inputs for personalised metrics.

Interactive UK Election Dot Density Map

Shiny App that visualises the density of electoral votes for each party in 2017 and 2015 General Elections as well as the EU Referendum.

Antivia Decision-Point Dashboard Catalog

Use username: culture password: insight to log into our public Decision-Point catalog and check out some of our example dashboards.