Charting the growth of renewable energy

Coronavirus having slowed actual business down a bit, I recent started scratching around for some nice data to visualise that, unlike our last post, had nothing to do with Coronavirus. The result is a really gorgeous set of visuals that you can find here

I got lucky when I found Gridwatch, a fantastic resource detailing UK energy production on a quarter-hourly basis for the last nine years. A really rich data source that uncovered some great stories in where we get our energy from, when we demand it, and the impact it has.

I wanted to give the data a bit more context, so dug around in various Government and other data libraries to find datasets I could overlay. These were daily 2019 wind data from NW3 Weather, temperature data from the Met Office, and carbon emissions data from the ONS.

Finally, I was desperate for an excuse to try R Shiny guru John Coene's FullPage API, which gives the app its slick appearance.

If you're interested in R Shiny and the code behind this app, you can find it at


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