Automated Data Reports with R

A lot of data analysts will find themselves doing repetitive manual tasks on a data set every day/week/month in Excel, then copying and pasting their updated pivot tables and charts into Word or PowerPoint reports for their stakeholders. If this sounds like your job description, you may want to consider switching to a programming language like R. Writing scripts will allow you to automate the majority of these processes; from importing your data all the way through to emailing your boss the final report.

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Multivariate Dot-Density Maps in R with sf & ggplot2

Background Last June I did a blog post about building dot-denisty maps in R using UK Census data. It has proven to be a fairly popular post, most likely due to the maps looking like something you’re more likely to see in the Tate Modern… Not only do these maps looks beautiful, but there is a strong argument that they do a better job of representing data compared to the more common choropleth methods of filling geographical regions with one colour based on one variable.

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