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In many sectors and industries data has become the most valuable resource a business can acquire. As the the volume of data keeps getting bigger, having the tools to harness it for insight is vital. Manipulating large quantities of data in programs like Excel can be inefficient, frustrating and error-prone.

For this reason, more and more people are switching to programming languages like R for data tasks. It’s simple to get started with, purpose-built for data analysis, and comprehensive - an ‘end-to-end’ data project from data importing through to communication of insights in reports or interactive dashboards is all possible purely with R!

One-Day Crash Course

Our one-day introductory course focuses on the basics of R programming and data manipulation using the tidyverse suite of packages.

The course will:-

  • Teach you simple and repeatable R code that can automate data tasks quickly and accurately
  • Save you time and eliminate error in your data transformation and analysis
  • Liberate you from the constraints of Excel, SPSS, SAS etc
  • Show you how to implement R in free cloud-based tools without any IT involvement

Extend the course to include areas such as:-

  • Data visualisation with ggplot2
  • Automated reporting with rmarkdown
  • Web-application development with shiny

On-Premise Training for Teams

If you’re interested in training for your whole team, we can travel to you and focus on the issues specific to your business or organisation. We will teach how to use R to tackle your daily data tasks with more efficiently, saving you time and money.

R is free to use, so investing in your team’s R skills will allow you to drop all those expensive software licensing costs.

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